About Shio Cube

Shio Cube is a collaboration studio between two artists, Chumaruko and Captain Juuter. We aim to create apparel & merchandise inspired by anime, games, and endless daydreams.





About the Artist (Captain Juuter)

I am a webcomic artist on Webtoon that loves drawing fun dynamic art. I have a huge obsession with the Fire Emblem franchise and that love helped me level up and start creating merchandise. I like to spend my days chugging cola with Chumaruko as we draw and jam out to the One Piece openings.  

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About the Artist (Chumaruko)

Hello! You can call me chu or pichu. I’m a freelance artist trying to get good, but get beat up by my cat instead. I love creating merchandise and drawings of things I'm into currently, but also trying my best to create more original content in the forms of comics and illustrations.

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